The 5 Best US National Parks to Visit in the Winter

Written by Jordan Mehan

The great thing about national parks is that you can visit them year-round. However, there are a handful that are especially stunning during the winter season. Keep reading to check out the five best national parks to visit in the winter.

  1. Olympic National Park 

Ski or snowboard through this beautiful park laced with snow. Olympic National Park is the perfect winter wonderland.

2. Bryce Canyon National Park 

The winter snow contrasted by the stunning, red rocks of Bryce Canyon is definitely a site to see. Pay this national park a visit for some great instagrammable pictures during quarantine. 

3. Yellowstone National Park 

Summer or winter, Yellowstone always makes it on the “best” lists for national parks. Seeing geysers in the snow is truly breathtaking and definitely worth braving the cold. 

4. Death Valley National Park  

Dubbed as one of the hottest national parks, winter is actually the perfect time to visit. You’ll be able to marvel at the beautiful scenery without burning up. 

5. Virgin Islands National Park  

Want to escape the cold? Then the Virgin Islands National Park is the place for you! Trails, beaches and waters are all open. A nice break from winter may be exactly what you need.