I’m a High School Student and This is What I’m Doing for My Future Travel Industry Career

by RTC member, Isabella Harris

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I used to despise this question. How do I explain that I want a travel job that allows me to explore the world without sounding innocent and naïve? Because so often the response after would be, “oh in the real world that doesn’t happen” or “maybe when you’re 60!”. But at that point in my life, I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen. That was until I found Roundtrip Collective. Suddenly it seemed I had a clear path towards a future career that I was excited and passionate about.

Now that I have signed up for the travel career course, I have countless opportunities to not only meet professionals in my dream industry (the travel industry), but actually get hands-on experience in the field I’m interested in.

Here are five ways that I am actively taking steps towards my future career…

1. Connecting with Real-Life Travel Professionals

The Roundtrip Collective offers us members live Q&A’s every month with travel industry experts, where we gain insight and ask questions. Their job descriptions span from travel bloggers and social media marketers to travel publicists. They cover their day to day, as well as how they landed the job they have, and how we can do the same, as well as tips and tricks for the industry. One of the best parts of our discussions is that they want to see us succeed, so they give us their contact info if we have any further questions or need advice on something. Some members have even landed jobs because of these travel talks!

2. Taking Online Courses Focused on Travel Careers

Many people, myself included, are aware that they want travel to be a part of their job, but have no idea what jobs allow it and which one is right for them. A google search about traveling for a job will show that you should become a pilot, travel nurse, or an au pair. While those jobs are amazing and rewarding for some, it is definitely not for all. This course lists multiple jobs like photography, social media marketing, travel public relations, journalism, and more. It then walks members through each job’s daily responsibilities, different ways a person could have that job (I.e. freelance vs. on-staff journalist), and the lifestyle of that job like clients, benefits, and teams. From there, you can decide which job fits your personality and desire. There is even a fun quiz at the end that tells you, based on personality questions, which job is right for you!

3. Practicing Skills that Relate to my Dream Job Path

Not only do members learn about their dream job, they also learn valuable skills that will last them a lifetime. Included in the course are several materials that set members apart from others. There are materials like a course on building a resume, formats for professional emails, and networking checklists. How to network yourself, land interviews, internships, and jobs are all courses that Roundtrip Collective features.

4. Learning about Job and Internship Openings In The Travel and Hospitality Industry

As a member, I am admitted to the private Facebook that has job and internship posts weekly, if not more. Members get first dibs, but The Roundtrip Collective posts the listings a few days later on their website (go look!) for everyone to see. These job listings are specifically travel related, which means you don’t have to comb through thousands of results for the job you want. It is an amazing way to get a foot in the door for any type of travel job you want.

5. Gaining Confidence in Yourself and Your Potential

The Roundtrip Collective is amazing for so many reasons. I have found a community of people who are just as passionate about travel as I am. Not only is the community fantastic and so supportive, but the knowledge that all of us have gained from this course has impacted our lives in the best way. I’m now confident in who I want to be and can push myself to become what I have seen so many others become as well. It’s because of this course and this community that I can now happily answer the question that I have despised my whole life.