5 Fun Travel Destinations You Need to Visit as a College Student

By Izzy Harris, RTC member

There is nothing that says “you only live once” quite like traveling while you’re young. It’s one of the only things that has the potential to alter your life in an extreme way. Some of the most influential moments of a person’s life happen while exploring a new city or taking a spontaneous trip across the world. Whether it’s studying abroad or taking a spontaneous trip to live it up with your friends, here are the top five fun destinations around the world that you need to experience while you’re young. 

1. Mykonos, Greece

First on this list has to be Mykonos. Known for its wild nightlife and calm daytime vibe, Mykonos offers young people the best of both worlds. This city is world renowned for its fresh seafood and out-of-this-world mediterranean cuisine. For all of these reasons, Mykonos attracts all types- the rich, famous, and youthful. The price of this vacay is a little bit steeper than others, but the experience is unbeatable. Plus, people can live out their Mamma Mia fantasies!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

The culture-rich city of New Orleans is a must-visit for students or recent graduates.. It has everything from swamp tours and cemetery tours to a cathedral in the French Quarter. There will be no boredom found in this city, as it is a party all day long and through the night. Jazz music and cajun cooking melt together with a rich and unique history to make this a must on every young person’s travel bucket list.

3. Bali, Indonesia

Feeling lost? Bali is on this list for a couple of reasons. First, who doesn’t want to live out their own version of Eat, Pray, Love? Second, there is something for everyone (AKA hiking and beaches). Lastly, it’s budget friendly… it spans from a villa for $20 a night to ones that max at $20,000. 

Bali is a place that is immersed in culture and spirituality making it the perfect oasis for young people to find a path or grow. People come from all over the planet to surf, eat, and pray in this transformative place.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru

One of the biggest wonders of the ancient world, Machu Picchu, has changed the lives of people young and old making it an indispensable part of this list. Multiple tour companies, like EF Ultimate Break, put age caps on how old you can be to trek the mountain, so do it sooner rather than later. This isn’t the normal lay-out-in-the-sun kind of vacation, but more a soul searching adventure. One hiker said it is “the single most life-altering experience [they] have had in [their] adult life.” G Adventures and Adventure Life have been rumored to be the best for tours!

5. Tulum, Mexico

And last but certainly not least is Tulum. About 80 miles from Cancun, this peaceful haven is filled with history and stunning beaches. It draws in a more bohemian crowd thanks to the yoga retreats that fill the city, but it also interests the more laid back adventurers looking to escape Cancun’s crowds. Mayan ruin tours and “cenote” (sinkholes that expose groundwater) tours are widely popular in this city. Tulum offers young people the chance to relax and enjoy the pristine beaches, chill vibes, and an intricate and beautiful past.