Where to Study Abroad Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Thinking about studying abroad? Studying abroad provides students with so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but the first crucial step is choosing where to go. With so many desirable cities around the world, figuring out which destination is actually a fit for your personality and passions is a must. Are you an independent Aries? You may want to head to Cape Town. Or if you’re a laid-back Taurus, studying in Florence might be the perfect match.

From Australia to Spain, we’ve rounded up where each zodiac sign should study abroad.

Aries: Cape Town, South Africa

Aries are independent, bold, and impulsive, so exploring the many aspects of Cape Town would suit them well. From climbing to the top of Table Mountain to hitting all of the trendy restaurants in town, an Aries will never get bored here.

Taurus: Florence, Italy 

Known for loving the finer things in life, a Taurus would thrive in the romantic city of Florence. From the nearby vineyards to the Italian culture, the Taurus would fit right in and feel at home in Florence.

Gemini: London, UK 

Since Geminis are usually quick-witted and energetic, they’ll adore the hustle of the London lifestyle. Since they can be indecisive, London has the perfect combination of chaos and laid-back energy that they need.

Cancer: New Zealand

Cancers love staying at home, but they also enjoy exploring new places once they get out. New Zealand is a great destination for Cancers because it’s very easy to adapt to and has such natural beauty to get lost in. 

Leo: Costa Rica

Leo’s go all out when they travel. Costa Rica fits the adventurous and spontaneous spirit of a Leo who loves to make life a party. From ziplining through the jungles to venturing out to waterfalls, a Leo will be in pure bliss. 

Virgo: Paris, France

Virgos need a picture-perfect destination, and what better spot than the magical city of Paris? Virgos will thrive in learning about the French history and tasting all of the local cuisines along the way. 

Pisces: Thailand

Travel is important to a Pisces, it inspires their creative mindset and pushes them out of their comfort zones. The Pisces love anywhere with gorgeous waters, so studying in Thailand where the beaches are surrounding the cities is a perfect spot for them. 

Libra: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Usually the realistic Libra will be traveling for a specific reason, either studying or to see family. Studying abroad in Argentina is a great fit for a Libra because of their love for passion, history, and romance. 

Scorpio: Bengaluru, India

Scorpios love going somewhere new, so studying abroad far away in India is a great match. The fast-pace atmosphere, majestic landmarks, and Indian culture will open a Scorpios eye to so much and leave them with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sagittarius: Barcelona, Spain

The Sagittarius truly lives to travel the world. Since the Sag is a people-person, outgoing, and loves to take in new cultures, Barcelona will be like a home away from home for them. They’ll enjoy trying the trendy restaurants, going to festivals, and making friends with the locals. 

Capricorn: Prague, Czech Republic

As Capricorn is the practical sign, studying in Prague is their best bet. The charming city is super cheap (where beer is cheaper than water), looks like a fairytale, and better yet, it’s in Central Europe so you can travel easily to other countries on the weekend. It just makes sense, and that’s what a Capricorn looks for. 

Aquarius: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the best spot for an Aquarius who wants to study abroad. They tend to get bored easily, and Tokyo has so much to offer and nearby cities to travel to. From trying the local cuisines to exploring the Harajuku neighborhoods, an Aquarius would thrive in Tokyo.