3 Tips for Traveling as a College Student

Traveling while you’re in college can be super exciting, but of course it comes with its challenges. From the cost of travel to learning how to plan efficiently, there are many things to keep in mind to ensure your trip runs smoothly. Are you taking advantage of your student discounts? Have you looked into group travel companies with other students your age? Keep scrolling for the top 3 tips for traveling as a college student. 

The Roundtrip Collective

1. Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Bring your student ID everywhere, even in other countries. Most European countries allow college students to enter top museums and landmarks for free or a very discounted price. And if they aren’t promoting it, always ask! 

2. Book a Group Travel Company

There are great travel companies that curate trips specifically designed for like-minded students to come together and experience their travels together. It’s a great way to make friends, save money, and feel totally safe while on your adventures. Companies like EF Ultimate Break or Contiki are great options for college students.

3. Give Hostels a Chance

Even though hostels aren’t popular in the United States, if you’re traveling abroad there are tons of hostel options that are clean, reliable, safe, and super affordable. Just make sure to read reviews and call the hostel beforehand!

The Roundtrip Collective