Here Are Our 5 Fave Travel YouTubers that Give Us Serious Wanderlust

by Alexis Morales

1. Haylsa & Kyle

Haylsa is an Australian girl who’s living on the road with her partner, Kyle. Together, the pair has explored over 35 countries including most of Europe, Jordan, Oman, Thailand, and the Philippines. Their account now has over 37,000 subscribers following them for their travel inspiration. Check out their YouTube channel here. 

2. Vagabrothers

Marko and Alex Ayling are the Vagabrothers; they have spent the last eight years as a resource for aspiring travelers around the world, promoting the understanding of different cultures on our planet. Alex also has his own channel AlexTheVagabond, where he posts his best travel tips, photography, and video techniques. Check out their YouTube channel here.

3. The Bucket List Family

This five-member family has traveled all around the world for over three years as Family Travel Journalists. The Gee family a little bungalow on the beach in Hawaii home base but they have been to over 60 different countries together and have no plans on stopping anytime soon. With over 1 million subscribers on their Youtube channel, Garrett, Jessica, and their three children are sure to inspire you to add experiences to your bucket list as they check them off. Check out their Youtube channel here.

4. The Blog Abroad

Glo Atanmo set out to become a student of the world and learn beyond the four walls of a classroom. Through her YouTube, she showcases what she learns as she travels through 70 countries across 6 continents. She embraces every corner of the world as her home. Check out her Youtube channel here.

4. Packs Light

Gabby Beckford is a solo-female-traveler and her mission is to empower other young people to explore the world now “by changing what they see as “possible” with money, opportunity, and ability.” she’s visited nearly 30 countries and documents all of the memories she makes to share with those she hopes to inspire. Check out her Youtube channel here.

Do you have a favorite travel YouTuber not featured on here? Comment yours below!